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When it’s “All hands on Project”

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When big projects come in, everyone is ramping up on getting organized, but then it hits!  Great skills on hand, but not enough hands to cover all of the workload. That is when you need additional man-power, but not necessarily full-time staff. Sometimes your need requires full-time staff, as well, but you are too busy to find, interview and qualify candidates.

This is where finding a partner who can provide you with uniquely qualified candidates right when you need them becomes your project game changer. Perhaps you need a scheduler, or maybe a 4D/BIM expert. Maybe you need a Project Manager or Assistant Project Manager, Site Personnel, Engineers or Cost Analyst. Let CBA know because this is our specialty! CBA, as many of our customers are aware, has had a great amount of success helping our customers by having candidates available for a variety of project tasks to help them fill that “hands needed” problem.

Your specialty is completing projects on time and within budget.  We can help you get there by quickly providing pre-qualified candidates with your unique required skill set. Learn how we provided The Ruhlin Company with a key project controls resource or how we helped ensure the success of future capital projects at Greater Cincinnati Water Works.

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