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See Matt Fly!

Sometimes as we go through our daily routines we lose sight of some of the little things that make life the great adventure that it is. One such experience happened to a member of the CBA family Labor Day weekend as a result of a chance meeting at the Dayton Air Show courtesy of Sean D. Tucker world renowned stunt flyer and member of the Oracle Flight Team and Power Aerobatics.

CBA Sr. Account Executive Bob Searles and his son Matt, who has Cerebral Palsy, met Sean at the Dayton Air Show. Matt (12), who is determined not to let his physical challenges keep him down, has a passion for flying. His dream is to be a pilot someday. In order to prepare for that dream, he spends most of his free time on his computer perfecting his knowledge and skills as a pilot on flight simulator software. When Sean and Matt met in August at the Dayton Air Show, they hit it off immediately. Matt’s passion for flying and his admiration for Sean set the stage for an instant friendship between the two. Sean was so taken with Matt he offered to take him up in his airplane, one of the most high-performance aerobatic aircrafts in the world, the Oracle Challenger. It is a fire-breathing monster with over 400 horsepower, weighs just over 1200 pounds, and responds to the slightest pressure on the control stick even at 300 mph. Not only did Sean offer to take Matt for a ride… he offered to let him fly it. I could go on, but I’ll let this amazing YouTube video of what happened next speak for itself:

As you can see, the experience only stoked Matt’s love of flying. We are grateful to Sean and Oracle for providing Matt with a once in a lifetime experience. In honor of Matt’s flight and to help other like him realize their dream, we will donate $100 in Matt’s honor to the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation (use offer code MATT11) for every order we receive for software or training through the about to be launched CBA Online Store in the month of October. If you want to place an order today before the Online Store goes live, please contact CBA Sales at 419-874-0800 and reference this article. The United Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s slogan is “Life without Limits” and Matt is certainly a shining example of that.

Congratulations Matt for making your dreams come alive and thank you Sean for making it happen.

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