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Is it Schedule Integration or Herding Cats?

If you have ever attempted to bring together project Schedules from multiple groups into one cohesive Master Schedule then you understand what is meant by the term “Herding Cats”.  Consider a scenario where you are utilizing multiple independent professional groups to submit Engineering/Procurement schedules that will ultimately link up with a construction schedule to form a Master Project Schedule.  Even the best laid plans will require utilizing that cat corral in full action to be successful.  Communication, planning and key project coding will be the required tools to build the foundation of your cat corral.

Conditions for Successful Integration:

  • Start off by developing  a written Integration Plan:  Clearly define key events with the associated accomplishments and criteria detailed out
  • Create a project template that contains a common WBS format
  • Designate what engineering review/procurement activities and workflow  are required to be captured
  • Develop common activity coding for the integration of the activities (Utilize secure codes once assigned to activities)
  • Clearly identify the activities that are to be linked to other schedules
  • Create common naming conventions for activity names and Id’s (Smart code activity ID’s)
  • Create an Integration manual with all guidelines and procedures
  • Communicate clearly and often.  Review schedule development and provide target milestones of development completion

How do the schedules actually get combined from the Remote Sites…???

Aaaaahhh…Another topic another day..Until next time

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